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CoinBu (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), the company operates a website https://www.coinbu.com (hereinafter referred to as "this website" or "website"), which is a website dedicated for users to conduct digital asset transactions and provide Related services (hereinafter referred to as "the service" or "service") platform. For the convenience of the expression of this agreement, the company and the website collectively use "we" or other first-person address in this agreement. As long as the natural persons or other subjects who log on to the website are users of this website, the convenience of the expression in this agreement is to use "you" or other second-person pronouns below. For the convenience of the expression of this agreement, we and you are collectively referred to as the "two parties" in this agreement, and we or you are solely referred to as the "party". All content on this website may be provided in multiple languages for the convenience of users. In case of conflicts or omissions, the Chinese content shall prevail.

important hint:

We hereby remind you:

1. The digital asset itself is not issued by any financial institution or company or this website;

2. The digital asset market is new, unconfirmed, and may not grow;

3. Digital assets are mainly used by speculators in large numbers, and the retail and commercial markets are relatively less used. Digital asset transactions are extremely risky. They are traded uninterrupted throughout the day and have no restrictions on fluctuations. Prices are easily affected by market makers and global government policies. While fluctuating sharply;

4. Due to the formulation or modification of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, digital asset transactions may be suspended or prohibited at any time.

Digital asset trading has extremely high risks and is not suitable for most people. You understand and understand that this investment may cause partial or total loss, so you should decide the amount of investment based on the degree of loss you can bear. You understand and understand that digital assets will generate derivative risks, so if you have any questions, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a financial advisor first. In addition, in addition to the risks mentioned above, there will also be unpredictable risks. You should carefully consider and use clear judgment to evaluate your financial situation and the above-mentioned risks before making any decision to buy or sell digital assets, and bear all losses arising therefrom. We are not responsible for this.

Warmly tell you:

1. You understand that this website is only a place for you to obtain digital asset information, find trading parties, negotiate and carry out transactions on digital asset transactions. This website does not participate in any of your transactions, so you should carefully determine the relevant digital assets by yourself And/or the authenticity, legitimacy and validity of the information, and bear the responsibilities and losses arising therefrom.

2. Any opinions, news, discussions, analysis, prices, suggestions and other information on this website are general market comments and do not constitute investment advice. We are not responsible for any losses arising directly or indirectly from reliance on this information, including but not limited to any loss of profits.

3. The content of this website will be changed at any time without notice. We have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, and we will not be responsible for any information on this website or due to failure. Loss directly or indirectly caused by delays or failures in linking to the Internet, transmitting or receiving any notices and information.

4. There are risks associated with the use of Internet-based trading systems, including but not limited to the failure of software, hardware, and Internet links. Since we cannot control the reliability and availability of the Internet, we will not take any responsibility for distortions, delays and link failures.

5. https://www.coinbu.com is the only official platform for publishing external information on this website;

6. It is forbidden to use this website to engage in all illegal transactions such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, etc. If such incidents are discovered, this site will take various available methods, including but not limited to freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc. We do not assume all the responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to hold relevant parties accountable.

7. It is forbidden to use this website to conduct malicious market manipulation, improper transactions and other unethical trading activities. If such incidents are discovered, this website will take warnings and restrict transactions for all unethical behaviors such as malicious price manipulation and malicious influence on the trading system. For preventive protection measures such as account closure, we do not assume all responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to hold relevant parties accountable.

1. General

1.1. "User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement" or "the terms and conditions"), consisting of the main text, "Privacy Policy", "Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Policy" and what has been published on this website or may be published in the future The various rules, declarations, instructions, etc.

1.2. Before using the services provided on this website, you should read this agreement carefully. If you do not understand anything or if it is necessary, please consult a professional lawyer. If you do not agree to this agreement and/or modify it at any time, please immediately stop using the services provided by this website or stop logging in to this website. Once you log in to this website, use any service of this website or any other similar behavior, it means that you have understood and fully agreed to the contents of this agreement, including any modification of this agreement made by this website at any time.

1.3. You can become a member of this website (hereinafter referred to as "member") by filling in relevant information in accordance with the requirements of this website and successfully registering after other relevant procedures. Clicking the "Agree" button during the registration process means that you are electronically Sign an agreement with the company in the form of signing; or when you click on any button marked with "agree" or similar meaning during the use of this website, or when you actually use the services provided by this website in other ways permitted by this website, it means you Fully understand, agree and accept all the terms of this agreement, without your handwritten written signature, this agreement will not have any impact on your legal binding force.

1.4. After you become a member of this website, you will get a member account and corresponding password. The member account and password are kept by the member; the member shall be legally responsible for all activities and events conducted with his account. You are obligated to keep your account and password properly, and to use their account and password correctly and safely, and to enjoy rights and assume responsibility for the actions that occur after logging in to the account. This website actively adopts reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the safety and effectiveness of member accounts. This website is not responsible for all losses caused to you or other third parties (including the leakage of your related privacy) caused by the illegal use of your account and password by others due to hacking or your negligence in custody.

1.5. Only by becoming a member of this website can you use the digital asset trading platform provided by this website to conduct transactions and enjoy other services that are only available to members as stipulated by this website; other than members, you can only log in to the website, browse the website and other books. The available services specified on the website.

1.6. By registering and using any of the services and functions provided by this website, you will be deemed to have read, understood and:

1.6.1. Accept all terms and conditions of this agreement.

1.6.2. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old or have a legal age to conclude a contract according to different applicable laws, and your registration, sale or purchase, release of information on this website, etc. to accept the services of this website It should comply with the relevant laws and regulations of sovereign countries or regions that have jurisdiction over you, and have sufficient ability to accept these terms, and conclude transactions, and use this website to conduct digital asset transactions.

1.6.3. You guarantee that the digital assets that belong to you involved in the transaction are legally acquired and owned.

1.6.4. You agree that you shall bear full responsibility and any gains or losses for your own trading or non-trading activities.

1.6.5. You confirm that the information provided during registration is true and accurate.

1.6.6. You agree to abide by any relevant laws and regulations, including reporting any trading profits for tax purposes.

1.6.7 You agree not to engage in or participate in any behavior or activity that harms the interests of this website or the company at any time, regardless of whether it is related to the services provided by this website.

1.6.8. This agreement only restricts the rights and obligations between you and us, and does not involve legal relationships and legal disputes between users of this website and other websites and you due to digital asset transactions.

2. Agreement revision We reserve the right to revise this agreement from time to time, and make announcements on the website, and no longer notify you separately. The changed agreement will be marked on the homepage of this agreement with the time of change, and once it is published on the website, it will automatically take effect immediately. You should browse and pay attention to the update time and content of this agreement from time to time. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop using the services of this website; your continued use of the services of this website means that you accept and agree to the constraints of the revised agreement .

3, registration

3.1, registration qualifications

You confirm and promise that: when you complete the registration process or actually use the services provided by this website in other ways allowed by this website, you should have the ability to sign this agreement and use the services of this website as required by applicable laws Of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. Once you click the agree to register button, it means that you or your authorized agent have agreed to the content of the agreement and the agent will register and use the services of this website. If you do not have the aforementioned subject qualifications, you and your authorized agent shall bear all the consequences resulting therefrom, and the company reserves the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account, and to hold you and your authorized agent accountable .

3.2. Registration purpose

You confirm and promise that your registration on this website is not for the purpose of violating laws and regulations or disrupting the order of digital asset transactions on this website.

3.3. Registration process

3.3.1. You agree to provide valid email, mobile phone number and other information according to the requirements of the user registration page of this website. You can use the email, mobile phone number you provided or confirmed or other methods allowed by this website to enter this website. If necessary, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of different jurisdictions, you must provide your real name, ID card and other relevant information as required by the laws and regulations and privacy clauses and anti-money laundering clauses, and constantly update the registration information to comply with timely, detailed and accurate Claim. All the original information entered will be cited as registration information. You are responsible for the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of such information, and bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

3.3.2. If the laws, regulations, rules, orders and other regulations of your sovereign country or region have real-name requirements for mobile phone numbers, you agree to provide registered mobile phone numbers through real-name registration, if you do not provide them in accordance with the regulations, so you Any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences should be borne by you.

3.3.3. You are legal, complete and effective to provide the information required for registration and have been verified to have the right to obtain the account and password of this website. When you obtain the account and password of this website, it is deemed that the registration is successful, and you can log in as a member on this website.

3.3.4. You agree to receive emails and/or short messages sent by this website related to the management and operation of this website.

4, service

This website only provides online trading platform services for you to conduct digital asset trading activities (including but not limited to services such as digital asset transactions) through this website. This website does not act as a buyer or seller to participate in the buying and selling of digital assets itself; this website does not provide Any country's legal currency deposit and withdrawal related services.

4.1 Service content

4.1.1. You have the right to browse real-time market quotations and transaction information of various digital asset products on this website, and have the right to submit digital asset transaction instructions and complete digital asset transactions through this website.

4.1.2. You have the right to view the information under your member account of this website on this website, and you have the right to operate using the functions provided by this website.

4.1.3. You have the right to participate in website activities organized by this website in accordance with the activity rules published on this website.

4.1.4. This website promises to provide you with other services.

4.2. Service Rules You promise to abide by the following service rules of this website:

4.2.1. You should abide by laws, regulations, and policy requirements, ensure the legality of all digital asset sources in your account, and must not engage in illegal or other damage to the rights and interests of this website or third parties on this website or using the services of this website Activities, such as sending or receiving any information that is illegal, illegal, or infringing on the rights and interests of others, sending or receiving pyramid schemes or other harmful information or statements, using or forging the email header information of this website without the authorization of this website, etc.

4.2.2. You should abide by all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to network services, and properly use and keep your account on this website, login password, fund password, and the mobile phone number bound to it at the time of registration, and the mobile phone received by the mobile phone The security of the verification code. You are fully responsible for any operation and consequences of using your account and login password on this website, fund password, and mobile pho